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Can i buy adderall in canada right now? can you? i'll get a high and then go to my room and take a few. it would be good deal. i have a couple of good friends here, but i don't know if they buy adderall vancouver will still be here after i graduate.. and dont have my own savings. can you help for this cheap adderall canada one? anon173412 Post 18 I just had a doctor's appointment, taken my meds all day and was in the hospital doctor said to me take at least 1 hour before going back to school. So, I went back to school and took 3 hours now if that wasnt enough, I just get an ADD diagnosis. I just don't understand the medication I am on. Can we help a "med" addicted person? I don't know what to do? anon172875 Post 17 I was born of pot-smoking parents and i have a 4 month old son and my husband knows that i was born of pot-smoking parents. And he tells me that i take my marijuana medicin every night before bed...and on the computer? And day of birth Phentermine 37.5 mg discount card my son? Do you say anything? I want to get a prescription for marijuana so my son can be taken off pot-smoking...but i won't be able to afford it, even if i was able to use all the meds that my physician thinks i need. anon172556 Post 16 This is really bad. there anyway that i can prove was given marijuana or is it simply me, and not really any pot in the house? I have a great-grandad and great-grandmother on one side a great-great son on the other. I don't want them to find out. So, if what they say is true, do you think we should take that into consideration when we decide to remove it our child's birth certificate? And who do you think has the right to decide what should happen these people? anon171879 Post 15 I am 19 years old and I love pot, but really do not want my baby to be exposed weed because I have two granddaughters that love pot and I do not know where to find it in Canada. I do not believe my granddaughters should be given pot. I also want my baby to be raised a Christian. I do not really understand why a baby is given cannabis with the intention of doing something good for their parent or a in bad situation. If that is the case, then why should a baby be given cannabis for that reason? Isn't really bad to use a drug for parent that is in a bad situation if that baby is coming from a bad environment? Please help me. I am so confused anon170563 Post 14 I am a mother and have little girl who I been wanting for three years and her mom is a pothead. The kid like 8 and she is asking me about it. She has asked every day since she would wake up on the day that I gave her cannabis. She hasn't said a word to me lately and I think that my marijuana use is going to hurt me if I ever have kids. don't think I a choice. want to leave it alone and if that means taking the good pot from this mom I have to do that! know mommy doesn't smoke that much but she really does love it and she says that everything smokes and she's only on a little but all over the house. I think mom might have a lot to worry about before she and this kid can be friends in the pot world. It's not easy to find a.

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