Support the Cornish Pasty

During our bid for PGI status, the CPA has received hundreds of messages of support. Although we have now achieved protected status, we still would like to hear from you. You can email us at:

Alternatively, you can write to the address on the Contacts page.

We welcome any feedback and would love to hear your views.

Messages of Support

“I will of course be delighted to continue my campaign on behalf of genuine cornish products.”
Lord Paul Tyler

“I am very ready to help in any way I can with your campaign. I am very happy to eat any number of pasties in public!”
Dr. Caroline Jackson MEP

“I have long been a supporter of PGI for the cornish pasty, and indeed have previously presented a Cornish pasty to the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Food. The Cornish pasty is a fine tradition and important to Cornwall’s economy. I shall continue to press for action.”
Graham Watson MEP

“To most of us it seems a fairly obvious and ‘open and shut case’, but clearly these matters are far more complex than would be apparent. In an effort to be supportive I have written to DEFRA myself and will encoyurage my colleagues to do the same.”
Colin Breed MP

“I have pressed DEFRA on this and given my strong support. I hope this helps.”
Matthew Taylor MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor

“I congratulate all those involved in maintaining the necessary enthusiasm to achieve PGI status for the Cornish pasty. As you know, I very strongly support this campaign and believe that because of the very strong and well established tradition, it is essential that those pasties which describe themselves as ‘cornish’ should only be made in Cornwall. Please add my name to those many others who are strongly in support of this application.”
Andrew George MP

“I have been a long-term supporter of this application, which is essential to the economic benefit of Cornwall. I have no doubt that the strenuous efforts of so many individuals and organisations will ultimately bear the fruit and will provide the cornish pasty with the protection it richly deserves and which Cornwall certainly needs.”
Colin Breed MP

“We wish you well in your endevours seeking protected geographical status.”
Ann Sweeting, Keynsham, Bristol

“Good luck with the campaign.”
P.G. Fitzgerald, Bodmin, Cornwall

“I am of the opinion that the ‘proper’ cornish pasty is a delicacy that can only be made by the cornish. I fully support your campaign.”
Stephen Pascoe, Grimoldby, Lincs