About the CPA


The Cornish Pasty Association is the home of everything you need to know about the Cornish pasty. Originally created by a collective of Cornish pasty producers concerned about the number of products being sold across the country as ‘Cornish Pasties’ despite bearing no resemblance to the real thing, the Association now administers the PGI designation granted in 2011 by the EU and is here to help anyone who would like to make, buy, sell or find out more about Cornish pasties.

We have members large and small, from household names producing millions of pasties each year, to tiny bakeries who keep hunger at bay in small towns and villages up and down the county. Everyone who makes genuine Cornish pasties is welcome in the CPA.

What we can’t say is who makes the best one – that’s for you to find out!!


We aim to

  1. Provide a single respected voice representing and supporting producers and retailers of genuine Cornish pasties.
  2. Lead and reflect industry thinking and when necessary become the spokesperson for the members.
  3. Develop and implement on-going strategies for the protection and administration of the PGI status, including procedures for regulating the PGI scheme, promotion of genuine Cornish pasties and any other actions in the interests of the members.
  4. Co-operate closely with working groups and other organisations and businesses for the benefit of the members.

The Cornish Pasty Association is a Community Interest Company, Registered in England and Wales, No 07847774.Copyright © 2016 Cornish Pasty Association. All rights reserved.

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